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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy (PT) focuses on gross motor skills and a child’s mobility and balance. The physical therapist provides children with activities that develop balance, improve coordination, and increase endurance. Physical therapists assess movement disorders, neurological and musculoskeletal delays. Physical therapy is provided within an age-appropriate environment and centers on gaining or restoring functional movement.

Physical therapy includes the following areas:

  • Alignment – Alignment is the foundation of muscle control. Achieving alignment requires careful consideration of joint structures, muscle lengths and the posture of children. 

  • Mobility & Balance – Mobility and balance enable children to use a variety of movements to safely and efficiently explore their world. Mobility and balance allow children to move freely within their own environment. 

  • The Foot – By mastering control and use of their feet, children can gain the ability to stand upright. The foot’s strength and flexibility makes it an important tool for children to use while maneuvering over various surfaces.

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Pediatric Physical Therapy
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