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In light of the heightened precautions implemented by state and federal authorities we have modified the protocols I emailed last week. We will continue to monitor the situation and will update the plan accordingly. We continue to closely monitor the government response to the coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) and will update our website with new information as it becomes available and relevant.


As always, the safety and peace of mind of our families are is our priority. Due to the changing nature of COVID-19’s presence in Middle Tennessee, this policy will be updated accordingly in response to circumstances.


Teleconfernce Therapy:


The Tennessee Early Intervention System (TEIS) has requested us to encourage our TEIS patients to receive services remotely via teleconference through a phone or computer app. 

  • Your therapist will contact you directly to confirm that you want to participate.

  • They will explain the process and the next steps to be taken.


We're working on obtaining approvals from insurance providers and will share that information as soon as possible.


Closed Waiting Room Policy:


In order to protect our families and staff during this time, we have modified our Clinic Visitor Policy. Beginning Monday, March 16th we have started a Closed Waiting Room Policy.


We ask that no more that one person, in addition to the patient, enter the clinic. When you come into the clinic please to wash your hands. After the therapist picks up your child, we ask that you wait in your vehicle. The therapist will escort your child back to the door at the end of their session.


Patient Responsibility:


1) Please inform your therapist or clinic if:

  • Your child or anyone in your family developed any new respiratory symptoms.

  • Your child or anyone in your family recently traveled outside the country or been in close proximity to anyone who has traveled outside the country recently.

  • Your child or anyone in your family developed a fever over 100.4.

  • If you suspect your child or anyone in your family may have been exposed to an infected person.


If any of these scenarios apply:

  • Services will be placed on hold for up to two (2) weeks.

  • At the end of the holding period you will need to contact your therapist or clinic with an update.

  • If symptoms have not been present (unmedicated) for at least 24 hours services will resume.


2) Please limit the number of people present no more that one person, in addition to the patient, during therapy sessions.


Clinic Precautions:


As always, FTS follows standard Universal Precautions protocols. However, we have increased our infection prevention measures during this time.


Before/During Therapy:

  • All books, toys and magazines have been removed from our waiting areas.

  • Your therapist will disinfect all surfaces and toys.

  • Therapists will be limiting the type of toys used during therapy to those which can be thoroughly disinfected.

  • Your therapist will wash their hands and your child’s hands before and after therapy.

  • Common areas in the clinic will be disinfected throughout the day.


Home Care and Daycare Precautions:


The same Universal Precautions protocols will be followed in Home Care. However, we have added an extra layer of protection for our patients and staff.

  • Therapists are directed to only use toys present in the home during therapy sessions.

  • Therapists are directed to only bring essential items into the patient’s home. (ie: keys, tablet/phone, paperwork, etc.)

  • Therapists will use proper hand hygiene upon entering the home, during as needed and after the home visit.

  • While in the daycare, the therapist will follow any additional requirements the facility may have.


If your child is seen in a daycare, please inform us of any changes to the daycare schedule or if there are any closures.


Please continue to check back with us for updates.