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Summer Social Butterflies Group

During the summer, we offer group therapy to develop social language skills. We make our programs functional, natural, and fun! These groups have a ratio of 2:6. An individual approach is used while maintaining a group dynamic. A short questionnaire is to be completed regarding your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and what needs to be addressed. A new social skill is addressed each week while still incorporating the ones from the previous weeks. A progress report is completed at the end of the 8 week session.


Your child may benefit if he/she faces these challenges:

  • Not knowing how to take turns

  • Difficulty starting conversations

  • Trouble staying on topic

  • Saying inappropriate things

  • Immature social skills

  • Trouble playing with others

  • Awkward in social situations

Your child will learn:

  • Addressing friends by their names

  • Appropriate eye contact

  • Taking turns

  • Giving/receiving compliments

  • Sharing

  • Asking for help

  • Using quiet voices

  • Participating equally

  • Encouraging others

  • Waiting patiently

  • Accepting difference

  • Listening actively

  • Following directions

  • Resolving conflicts

  • Helping others

  • Celebrating successes

We consistently receive positive reports from our parent seeing improvements in their child’s language and social behavior.

“Feltz Therapy has been fantastic! The Social Skills Group and the therapists have been outstanding in helping our son to develop socially and overcome his sensory issues. The change in his personality has been remarkable in such a short amount of time. We couldn’t have done it without them and I wholeheartedly recommend Feltz Therapy Services Summer Skills Group to anyone that has a child with sensory and developmental difficulties.” ~Tracey & Alex from Smyrna

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