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Handwriting Group

Handwriting fluency is fundamental to learning because children think and write at the same time. When we teach children to write, we also teach them how to express themselves. If they struggle to form their letters, their ability to express themselves suffer. Children who don't master handwriting may be slow, sloppy, or illegible writers. Spelling and math are also affected.


Your child may benefit from handwriting group if they show...

  • avoidance of pre-writing activities such as scribbling, coloring, and drawing.

  • frustration/avoidance of handwriting, drawing, or copying activities of in class/at home

  • difficultly forming, spacing, aligning letters & numbers

  • excessive or insufficient pressure on pencil

  • difficultly remembering letters/numbers

  • writes slowly, drops pencil frequently

  • holds pencil too tight or to loosely

  • omits letters or words when copying from the board or from the same page

  • poor word/sentence organization on page

  • poor posture/leaning on table

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